Health Plan

As health insurance brokers, part of providing the best employee health insurance solutions and group health plans is understanding who our customers are. Educating clients on the value of providing health insurance options is one of our highest priorities.
We understand that operating a successful business requires creating a mutually valued relationship between employer and employee. Employees want to feel secure in their jobs. They want an employer to provide them with benefits beyond a paycheck – benefits that will take care of them and their families when the need arises. Employers want to cut down on turnover and staff a team of loyal, trustworthy employees who do their jobs well.
In our experience, offering your employees health insurance options establishes both a relationship built on trust and loyalty that creates value.

For more information on group health plans, individual health insurance, or an  HR Complete proposal for your company please contact one of our licensed  representatives.

Health Insurance Services

We provide a turn-key approach that prioritizes each customer’s needs.  Among the variety of health insurance services we offer are:

Education enrollment meetings – We visit your office annually to promote benefits you’ve provided for your employees. In addition, onsite orientations help employees understand what is available to them.
Providing all communication for employees – This includes providing outlines and premium illustrations to help your employees better understand their benefits.
Single, dual or triple option – No one health insurance plan fits every employee in every company. With Warren BSI, our customers are able to offer up to three different group health plans to their employees.
PPO, POS, HMO product plans – A High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with a Health Savings Account (HSA) is a great solution for companies that want to provide health insurance for their employees at a much lower cost. Typically, if a company offers HDHP insurance benefit plans, they embrace wellness, consumerism and saving for health care. In other words, an HSA account places the cost of health care in your employees’ hands.
Medical plans by major health insurance companies – These include Aetna, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Humana, MHealth, United Healthcare, CIGNA and more.