At WARREN Business Services, we provide a full range of services for small to medium sized businesses. From employee benefits brokering to human resources services, buy/sell planning and various types of insurances. We work to help your business run smoothly, easily and in full compliance.

One or our specialties is disability insurance planning. We want our clients who purchase a long term disability insurance policy to understand what they are purchasing and feel good about it. We do this by first educating them about disability insurance (what it is, what it is not, and why disability insurance is needed). Secondly, discuss the options of coverage available to them and what coverage might already be in force today. Third, we provide a detailed proposal that shows what coverage a person has today if any and what coverage is available. Fourth, as you wish to purchase coverage we will walk you though the process of applying for coverage. Fifth, we are always here to help you once you have purchased your policy.

We are located in Houston, Texas and work in all parts of the State of Texas.